TENT A3 electrofilter reconstruction


In period 2014-2015, general reconstruction of electrofilter facility at A3 in TPP Nikola Tesla Obrenovac A was performed:

  • Construction and mounting position for the strengthening of filter steelwork
  • Construction and mounting of wagons
  • Construction and mounting of roof
  • Construction and mounting of confusor and diffuser channel
  • Prefabrication and mounting of emission and precipitate-based electrodes of filter.

Quantity of constructed/mounted equipment: 2100t.

All above mentioned works were executed in accordance with projects by ENERGOPROJEKT and RAFAKO


PROJECT: TENT A3 electrofilter reconstruction

FACILITY: TPP Nikola Tesla Obrenovac electrofilter A3

INVESTOR: TPP Nikola Tesla Obrenovac

LOCATION: TPP Nikola Tesla Obrenovac

YEAR OF REALIZATION: 2014 and 2015

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