Capital repair of turbine K-200-130-3 LMZ


During the period from July to October 2011 there was carried out:

  • The capital repair of the turbine and the generator
  • The modernization of the heating process for flange junctures on middle and high pressure cylinders
  • The installation of the fast cooling turbine
  • The replacement of the 23rd row of blades of the middle pressure rotor
  • All the necessary tests for determining the remaining service life of the turbine.

PROJECT: Capital repair of turbine K-200-130-3 LMZ and the generator, including an assessment of the remaining service life

FACILITY: TPP Kostolac A, Kostolac, Block A2

INVESTOR: PE Electric Power Industry of Serbia, Branch TPP Kostolac A

LOCATION: TPP Kostolac A, Kostolac


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