General overhaul of turbo generator – TPP Kolubara A5

General overhaul of turbo generator – TPP Kolubara A5

PROJECT:  Overhaul of turbo generator – TPP Kolubara A5, Lot no. 1 – Turbine overhaul

FACILITY: Turbo generator 110MW, TPP Kolubara

INVESTOR: JP EPS Beograd, branch TENT Beograd-Obrenovac

LOCATION: Veliki Crljeni

YEAR: 2018


During 2018 we carried out activities on overhaul of turbine TA110MW, 3723/5 manufactured by Škoda and generator HY 644840/2HH with hydrogen cooling manufactured also by Škoda. Turbine has three housings, axial, action, condensing with interheating. HP and MP pressure turbines are single-flow turbines with two-shell housings and LP turbine is double-flow turbine with single-shell housing.

Overhaul on the following units:

  • Overhaul on turbine – HP unit
  • Overhaul on turbine – MP unit
  • Overhaul on turbine – LP unit
  • Overhaul on shut-off and regulating valves and dampers
  • Cleaning of oil system
  • Overhaul of the main oil pump – MOP
  • Overhaul of valves and servomotors
  • Overhaul of generator and actuator
  • Overhaul of reducer
  • Works on stator of generator, fixing of coil heads and generator rods
  • Adjusting regulation and diagram of regulating valves
  • Oiling of sliding bearings
Purchase of equipment and performance on construction of pumping station PPS1 in block 38
Overhaul of turbine, generator and valves in TEM