Sugar Factory “Pećinci”


In the period from August 2013 to May 2014 we performed the following tasks:

1. Design, procurement, fabrication and installation of a steel structure for the building of the MDS plant:

  • Total weight of the steel structure 387,000 kg
  • Dimensions of the building: 32mx18m, height 24m.

2. Supply, delivery and installation of lattice walkway and steps: 1.850m2.

3. Supply, delivery and installation of facade and roof panels 3.700m2, including the installation of gutters and flashings.

4. Design, manufacture and installation of the main body of the steam station (the total weight of the equipment is 444,500 kg):

  • Steaming element E1000 – 1500 m2
  • Steaming element E2000 – 4,600 m2
  • Steaming element E3000 – 1,505 m2
  • Separator S2010 – diameter 4.200mm
  • Separator S2020 – diameter 3.200mm
  • Condenser C2080 – 20m2
  • Condenser C3080 – 200m2
  • Condensate collector T1100 – diameter 600mm
  • Condensate collector T2100 – diameter 630mm
  • Separator 40F01 ф 2.000mm, SH = 5.000MM
  • Heat exchanger 40HE01 ф 950mm, 200m2

5. Procurement, prefabrication and installation of armature and pipelines: 60.000kg.

PROJECT: Development of the main construction design for the steel structure of the building of the new molasses desugarization plant, as well as the manufacture, delivery and installation of the steel structure, equipment, pipelines and podestal.

FACILITY: Sugar Factory “Pećinci”.

INVESTOR: “SUNOKO” d.o.o. Trg Marije Trandafil 7, 21000 Novi Sad.

LOCATION: Production facility in Pećinci,Oraško polje bb, 22400 Pećinci.


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