Reconstruction works of auxiliary boiler room chimney


Due to the long-term exploitation of the auxiliary boiler room chimney in TPP “Nikola Tesla” B numerous damages occurred on the structure of the chimney and especially on the elements of the outer shield, the inner shield, the climbers and the platform. The purpose of measuring, controlling, designing of the technical documentation and performing of the reconstruction works on the existing double shield steel chimney of the auxiliary boiler room TPP “Nikola Tesla” B, is the recording and removal of existing damages of steel elements of a stand-alone chimney and enabling of independent flue gas removal from the three existing flue gas channels. The implementation of the reconstruction process and the adaptation process should ensure the preservation of the global load capacity of the structure as well as the proper functioning of the chimney in all the operating modes of the auxiliary boiler room.

Chimney specifications:

  • Type: steel, double shield, stand-alone with natural ventilation
  • Height: 60 m
  • Outer shield diameter: 3300 mm
  • Inner shield diameter: 3000 mm
  • Flue gasses temperature: 150˚C

PROJECT: Reconstruction works of auxiliary boiler room chimney

FACILITY: Thermal Power Plant “Nikola Tesla” B

INVESTOR: JP EPS Beograd, Thermal Power Plant “Nikola Tesla” Obrenovac

LOCATION: Thermal Power Plant Nikola Tesla B, Ušće 11500 Obrenovac


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