Reconstruction of tank FB-2003

Reconstruction of tank FB-2003


FACILITY: NIS Rafinerija Nafte Pančevo



YEAR: 2019-2020


Reconstruction of tank FB-2003 took place in September 2019 – June 2020. Work included purchase and supply of materials and equipment, performance of works, engineering services, as well as commissioning of tanks and built-in equipment. Besides this, Feromont inženjering as the contractor, besides its mechanical works was also responsible for overall supervision and coordination with sub-contractors which included construction, electric and instrumentation works.


The project envisaged reconstruction of tank FB-2003, which included full disassembly

of the existing bottom and blowdown pit, installation of new steel bottom and blowdown pit, as well as reconstruction of

foundation and installation of geomembrane for tightness control, which would provide protection against

Leaking and possible contamination of soil and underground water. Also, the project included installation of

internal floating deck to reduce emission of fumes into atmosphere.

In order to ensure that tank capacity remains the same after installation of floating deck, the project

envisaged height of the tank shell to be increased by 1000mm.

The project also envisaged installation of new measurement and control system. In addition to works

on reconstruction of tank FB-2003, works on rehabilitation and adaptation of tank were also envisaged, such as: rehabilitation of foundation, adaptation of existing or installation of new connections for measuring and safety

equipment, corrosion protection by protective coating, tank branding (painting of company’s trademark on the tank) and rehabilitation and adaptation of steel structure

of the tank.

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