Manufacture, delivery and installation of a noodle dryer


In the period October 2012 – June 2013 a molasses dryer with the following characteristics was designed, manufactured and installed:

  • Diameter – 10,460 mm
  • Height – 17,606 mm
  • Pressure in the dryer – 3 bar
  • Temperature in the dryer – 250°C
  • Weight of the dryer shell – 150,000 kg
  • Pressure in the heat exchanger – 27 bar
  • Fluid temperature in the heat exchanger – 250°C
  • Weight of the heat exchanger – 155,000 kg.

The dryer shell was installed on the spot, while the heat exchanger was manufactured in the factory and installed on the building site.

The construction of the building was completed after mounting the molasses dryer.

PROJECT: Manufacture, delivery and installation of a noodle dryer on the basis of the technical and workshop documentation of the customer, made by ENERDRYApS, as well as construction and handicraft works, delivery and installation of the equipment for the upgrade of steam noodle dryer.

FACILITY: Sugar Factory “Pećinci”.

INVESTOR: “SUNOKO” d.o.o. Trg Marije Trandafil 7, 21000 Novi Sad.

LOCATION: Production facility in Pećinci,Oraško polje bb, 22400 Pećinci.


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