RNP DCU plant project


FEROMONT INŽENJERING DOO BEOGRAD has acted as the subcontractor of the Sarens company, which was selected by NIS and CBI in a complex project for overload, transportation, jacking and skidding, lifting equipment, lifting the steel structure in the NIS Oil Refinery Pančevo facility.

In addition to the equipment provided by Sarens to carry out the work, FEROMONT INŽENJERING DOO BEOGRAD has provided complete manpower and logistics.

SARENS: CC6800-1, SCX2800, Skidding and jacking system, 48 axles of SPMT

FEROMONT: TC2800-1, LTM 500t, LTM 220t, AC200-1, AC120-1, LTM 90t, AC40-1, RC30-1, Telescopic forklift 4,5t, Forklift 4,5t

The project consisted of two stages:

  • Un-load of refinery components in Azotara port with TC2800-1, AC200-1, LTM 90T, AC40-1
  • Transportation of equipment to the designated place where thermal insulation, galleries and platforms were installed.

Such deferred equipment was laid until January 2018.
Transport of insulated equipment was made by SPMT KAMAG trailers of 48 axles to the construction site of the NIS Refinery, where the cargo was accepted and lifted of by the SCX2800 and CC6800 cranes together.

Altogether about 11 vessels with a total weight of around 2,000t in the period March – April 2018 were erected.

FEROMONT 15 member crew (25 people were engaged at critical moments) worked on the final execution of the:

  • 11 columns ranging in height from 25m – 40m, diameter from 1.5m – 4.5m, and weight between 20-90T
  • 2 coke drums weighing 220T and having a height and diameter of 30m and 7.5m respectively.
  • Assistance in mounting ladders and platforms at a height of 65m, radius of 30m and total weight 20-43t.
  • 3 elements of pre-assembled construction with a total height of 65m, radius 30m and weight 18-50t.
  • 3 elements of steel construction dimensions: 21m x 10m x 20m total weight 164t, 21m x 10m x 20m total weight 240t, 10m x 15m x 34m total weight 121t.

A group of 15 people specially trained by FEROMONT INŽENJERING DOO BEOGRAD to work at high altitudes, positioned and centered the heavy construction elements at a height of 91.5m, which Sarens lifted up with heavy machinery to the intended place.

From the very beginning, this project was a challenge for FEROMONT INŽENJERING DOO BEOGRAD because of the high risk of the works being carried out at high altitudes, as well as the lack of space in the execution of the work itself. The whole work was done perfectly in coordination with our HSE officers.

PROJECT: RNP DCU plant project

FACILITY: NIS Oil Rafinery Pančevo




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