Project of uninstaling existing and installing new waste heat boiler BF-44501

Project of uninstaling existing and installing new waste heat boiler BF-44501


FACILITY: Oil Refinery Pančevo S-4450

INVESTOR:  Naftna industrija Srbije, Rafinerija Nafte Pančevo) (Petroleum Industry of Serbia, Oil Refinery Pančevo)- NAFTAGAS Tehnički servisi


YEAR: 2021


In March 2021 during planned suspension of operation in Oil Refinery Pančevo we replaced the existing and installed new waste heat boiler BF-44501 in unit 21, S-4450 (liquid sulphur production facility II SRU).

Main objectives of the project included description and preparation of facilities which were the subject of the project, definition of types of works being carried out, considering all technical possibilities, specification of required materials and works and proposing and selecting solutions to meet requirements defined by project of the Investor.

Based on these tasks that required solution, the project had a clear objective. Boiler BF-44501 is replaced with a new unit, with identical characteristics, while the following units are temporarily uninstalled: furnace BA-44501, exchanger EA-44501, vessel FA-44504, PSV-330 A/B, surrounding and connecting pipelines, instruments and structures. Other units were temporarily installed for installation of boiler BF-44501 and afterwards were returned to initial state. Uninstallation was necessary for installation of the new boiler.

It was difficult to accomplish the objective, considering the short period provided for works that was required by technical task.

The project included very complex preparatory works, which aimed to ensure that all elements remaining after uninstallation of old and installation of new equipment are safely secured. Works were carried out in difficult to access and contained spaces. Technical preparations meant that organization and carrying out of all works before direct installation works. First in the series of such works was detailed examination of the project and supporting documents. It was used as the basis to determine scope and details of work to be carried out, so plan of work was prepared taking into consideration the deadline set and available technical and human resources.

Installation of this type of boiler is specific due to difficult installation conditions caused by limited handling space, surrounding existing equipment, pipelines, platforms, pipe bridge. Uninstallation of existing boiler was also carried out under difficult conditions.

Existing boiler was uninstalled in two phases, i.e. cutting and removing discharge chute, while the remaining parts of boiler were disconnected and carefully lifted and removed from planned side in strict compliance with all technical, safety and other supporting measures

Special attention was paid to connection between equipment, pipelines and supports that were returned to original state.

As the uninstalling of existing boiler, installing of BF-44501 was carried out in two stages.

Works have been carried out based on approved and certified final design, in compliance with all applicable regulations and standards and good engineering practices. Besides, compliance with all internal regulations, norms, standards and instructions of manufacturer and/or supplier of equipment and materials was also required.

Installation and commissioning of installation has been carried out by well-trained, qualified and registered staff. Before installation works, appropriate unit, responsible for occupational safety at RNP has issued daily approval of works using an appropriate form, carried out site inspections and monitored the most complex operations

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